This post is long overdue. With tear filled eyes I pour out my heart to you. You see; I ran away. I decided to show what I believed the world should see and hide the rest, the tainted, imperfect me was locked away, hidden away, to not be misconstrued. I painted a picture of all of me but only unveiled what you should see, who I am in your eyes, not who I am unconditionally.

I let fear control me and pain lead me, I pursued passion not love, the temporal in place of the wise. How mistaken I was, to believe that the things of this world could replace a God shaped void. But I tried, oh I tried. I crammed, pushed, shoved, forced every seemingly pleasurable thing of this world into this hole in my heart, in hopes that one thing, anything, could stop the pain, pause the pain, release me from the chains.

But the scaffolding in my life had to come down as the work in me was done. He replaced the fleeting with the steadfast, the lust with love, the pain with peace that surpasses all understanding and with all understanding, I realised… that my hopes, dreams, aspirations, wishes; my heart… should be placed in His chamber of righteousness, in His wise house, in the presence of Him who is and always will be, the lover of my soul.

Beauties, no ones is perfect, yet still we aspire to be, we hope for things to come and dream of what should, could and would’ve been. In the passing time contentment is discarded in the rushing winds of never settling for less.

You don’t have to settle for less, but in what you have right here, right now… appreciate.

Love to love and love without regret, find good and let your heart be free. Forgive the repetition of a broken record, but you do indeed only get one life in this world to live. A life not to be wasted away wallowing in the depths of your own misery but allowing the tests of life to become your testimony so that you may truly overcome and free others.

Let it be known that indeed you overcame by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of your testimony.

So here I am. A testimony. That by His grace I’m still here, hanging on by a thread but hanging on nonetheless. That one day my thread of faith shall blossom into a unshakable mountain of trust in God who never fails.

My journey continues, I’ve shaken away the dust from my fall and laced on my Doc Martens of hope. Where am I headed? Wherever He takes me. I’ve found His love… better yet, His love found me and I’ve decided to never go back. The path to my former life has been destroyed so I run along the road that was paved for me before my life on earth began.


I’ll never give up and neither should you.


Sign: Perseverance.




The Drawing Board.



The wave of new beginnings crash violently, promises fill the air, resolutions on the rise. The new year brings about an atmosphere of change, some much needed, whilst others imposed. The question I have is why we feel the need to change? We are who we are. We came about to be the people we are today through the shaping of our circumstances yes, but also due to the exposure of our inner beings.

If so, essentially the need to change at the beginning of the year comes from a place of discontentment, with the movement of life at that time. My point is, there is nothing wrong with you. I urge in this time to be away with the notion of new year, new you as you don’t need to change; your situation does. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of perfection. Does that mean you won’t make mistakes? No. Does that mean your life will be perfect? No. Does that mean you won’t feel discontentment? No.

What it means is that you were tailored to live the life you’re living now as imperfectly perfect as it may be. To be you to the fullest with no regrets, remorse, or repentance. So, if you must change this year, change to want more, do more, be more. For you.

You deserve to reach your full potential and what better time to embark upon that journey than now?


May this year bring you laughter, favour, success and most importantly peace. In all things, trust God and renew your mind because that, Beauty, is how you’ll grow on this journey called life.


This is only the beginning.


Sign: Renewal and Regeneration.



Rock&RainStuck between a rock and a very hard place.

Often, we are the cause of the disappointment we may feel. The reason behind the sleepless nights and heartache. Not because we are the source of our pain, but because in every situation you have a choice.

You are a majestic, powerful, and autonomous being, you hold your happiness in your hand. Not because you are the source of your fulfillment but because you have the choice to surrender to that which is.

You see people, when we choose to harbour the pain inflicted upon us, we make a choice. We choose bondage instead of freedom, stress instead of peace, darkness instead of light.

In my search for true love, I found that in this journey, I must also embrace true happiness that can only be found in letting go of the guilt and resentment that I clung to, and living a life where I can be free.

This doesn’t mean you can’t react to an offence, in every aspect you have the right to be unhappy in that moment. But when that moment passes, for the greater good and the sake of your well being, I urge you to also learn to let go. Hard as it may be, it’s possible, and you are more than capable.

You are not defined by your circumstance, what speaks volumes about you is how you respond to the situation you are in. Project peace and love.


You are stronger than you think you are.


Sign: Endurance & Peace.



Are you depressed yet? 


Statistics show that 1 in 6 people will experience depression at some stage in their lives as a result of stress, life events or a genetic predisposition. That’s what statistics say, however, if you ask me, it’s much deeper than that.

I suffered from depression for 12 years, not as a result of life events, stress or a predisposition. You see, in my case I needed to readjust my lens. In my case, I had to reconfigure the programming of my mind and change my views about this world. I had to search within myself for the epitome of happiness and once found, slather this token of hope over my life. That was how I survived and that is how I can testify that I am still here today, pressing on.

With many people, the problem is not the circumstance they’re in, it’s all about perspective. If you look towards every situation in search for the negative it is undeniably true that what you search hard enough for, you will surely find. When you nurture negativity, you create an environment that exalts hardship, pain and sorrow. So much so that you’ll find that one day, you don’t have to search for the melancholy anymore; it finds you. Why? Because you’ve allowed it a free pass into your bed. You’ve welcomed it in with open arms, flirted with it while it hardened your heart.

So what now you ask?

Well now, now you clear your mind and free your heart. You let go to move on. Whatever has fed the darkness of depression in your life, eradicate it and look forth into the light. When you believe that you’re that beam of light that can illuminate a room, it won’t be long before you begin to operate in that confidence.

Refuse to be a statistic beauties, you’re not here to be another number on a chart you’re here to be set above and apart from the rest. Walk the path of uniqueness and be the best you. Flaws and all, you are perfectly imperfect because you were created by a perfect Creator. Don’t let anyone tell you anything contrary to that.

You are every lovely word I can think of.

Sign: Faith & Hope


Well… Hello There 💕

I see an introduction is required.

Well, unfortunately, that’s not how this story unfolds. You see anonymity allows for unrestricted creativity and a voice without a face shares a compelling message. I do not hide behind a screen but I shield myself in modesty that one day, when the curtains are drawn and this fountain of light is unleashed upon you unsuspecting beauties; the message remains being that the foundation was laid.

I do not ask that you accept me but rather that you hear me. Through the gifts, I’m blessed with and the complexity of my character, I bring to you a message. What is that you ask? The message of love. Four letters that have graced each individual’s lips at one time or another. With anger we spit it out, infatuated we moan it, fascinated, we exclaim it, but do we really know it? Do we know the true meaning of L O V E ?

I don’t.

But I’m on a mission to see, be in, walk in and embrace it; and I openly invite you to join me. Join me on this path to unveil the truth.

Here’s to a new beginning, and a journey worth embarking on. Is it impossible? Who knows. I was told once upon a time that with faith, all things are possible. To which I replied ‘well… we’ll just have to see’. But gone are those days. Today? Well, today I choose to believe. For me.


Sign: Love & Happiness.