The Drawing Board.



The wave of new beginnings crash violently, promises fill the air, resolutions on the rise. The new year brings about an atmosphere of change, some much needed, whilst others imposed. The question I have is why we feel the need to change? We are who we are. We came about to be the people we are today through the shaping of our circumstances yes, but also due to the exposure of our inner beings.

If so, essentially the need to change at the beginning of the year comes from a place of discontentment, with the movement of life at that time. My point is, there is nothing wrong with you. I urge in this time to be away with the notion of new year, new you as you don’t need to change; your situation does. You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of perfection. Does that mean you won’t make mistakes? No. Does that mean your life will be perfect? No. Does that mean you won’t feel discontentment? No.

What it means is that you were tailored to live the life you’re living now as imperfectly perfect as it may be. To be you to the fullest with no regrets, remorse, or repentance. So, if you must change this year, change to want more, do more, be more. For you.

You deserve to reach your full potential and what better time to embark upon that journey than now?


May this year bring you laughter, favour, success and most importantly peace. In all things, trust God and renew your mind because that, Beauty, is how you’ll grow on this journey called life.


This is only the beginning.


Sign: Renewal and Regeneration.




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