Rock&RainStuck between a rock and a very hard place.

Often, we are the cause of the disappointment we may feel. The reason behind the sleepless nights and heartache. Not because we are the source of our pain, but because in every situation you have a choice.

You are a majestic, powerful, and autonomous being, you hold your happiness in your hand. Not because you are the source of your fulfillment but because you have the choice to surrender to that which is.

You see people, when we choose to harbour the pain inflicted upon us, we make a choice. We choose bondage instead of freedom, stress instead of peace, darkness instead of light.

In my search for true love, I found that in this journey, I must also embrace true happiness that can only be found in letting go of the guilt and resentment that I clung to, and living a life where I can be free.

This doesn’t mean you can’t react to an offence, in every aspect you have the right to be unhappy in that moment. But when that moment passes, for the greater good and the sake of your well being, I urge you to also learn to let go. Hard as it may be, it’s possible, and you are more than capable.

You are not defined by your circumstance, what speaks volumes about you is how you respond to the situation you are in. Project peace and love.


You are stronger than you think you are.


Sign: Endurance & Peace.




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