Are you depressed yet? 


Statistics show that 1 in 6 people will experience depression at some stage in their lives as a result of stress, life events or a genetic predisposition. That’s what statistics say, however, if you ask me, it’s much deeper than that.

I suffered from depression for 12 years, not as a result of life events, stress or a predisposition. You see, in my case I needed to readjust my lens. In my case, I had to reconfigure the programming of my mind and change my views about this world. I had to search within myself for the epitome of happiness and once found, slather this token of hope over my life. That was how I survived and that is how I can testify that I am still here today, pressing on.

With many people, the problem is not the circumstance they’re in, it’s all about perspective. If you look towards every situation in search for the negative it is undeniably true that what you search hard enough for, you will surely find. When you nurture negativity, you create an environment that exalts hardship, pain and sorrow. So much so that you’ll find that one day, you don’t have to search for the melancholy anymore; it finds you. Why? Because you’ve allowed it a free pass into your bed. You’ve welcomed it in with open arms, flirted with it while it hardened your heart.

So what now you ask?

Well now, now you clear your mind and free your heart. You let go to move on. Whatever has fed the darkness of depression in your life, eradicate it and look forth into the light. When you believe that you’re that beam of light that can illuminate a room, it won’t be long before you begin to operate in that confidence.

Refuse to be a statistic beauties, you’re not here to be another number on a chart you’re here to be set above and apart from the rest. Walk the path of uniqueness and be the best you. Flaws and all, you are perfectly imperfect because you were created by a perfect Creator. Don’t let anyone tell you anything contrary to that.

You are every lovely word I can think of.

Sign: Faith & Hope



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