Well… Hello There 💕

I see an introduction is required.

Well, unfortunately, that’s not how this story unfolds. You see anonymity allows for unrestricted creativity and a voice without a face shares a compelling message. I do not hide behind a screen but I shield myself in modesty that one day, when the curtains are drawn and this fountain of light is unleashed upon you unsuspecting beauties; the message remains being that the foundation was laid.

I do not ask that you accept me but rather that you hear me. Through the gifts, I’m blessed with and the complexity of my character, I bring to you a message. What is that you ask? The message of love. Four letters that have graced each individual’s lips at one time or another. With anger we spit it out, infatuated we moan it, fascinated, we exclaim it, but do we really know it? Do we know the true meaning of L O V E ?

I don’t.

But I’m on a mission to see, be in, walk in and embrace it; and I openly invite you to join me. Join me on this path to unveil the truth.

Here’s to a new beginning, and a journey worth embarking on. Is it impossible? Who knows. I was told once upon a time that with faith, all things are possible. To which I replied ‘well… we’ll just have to see’. But gone are those days. Today? Well, today I choose to believe. For me.


Sign: Love & Happiness.






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